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Targeting "vacant houses nationwide," which is a serious social problem due to the declining population caused by the falling birthrate and aging population, we are developing a solution business for this problem by matching the properties with investors.

We actively handle properties with legally defective properties such as properties which are not be able to be rebuilt or are in co-ownership, lands with leasehold interest, and aim to solve the social "vacant house problem" with highly specialized solutions.

During the process of providing services through this consulting business, we promote cooperation with local governments / administrations nationwide, and aim to revitalize the nationwide regions by solving "vacant house problem".

Re:Camp Gate

Re:Camp Gate

Cloud-based revenue analysis tool
developed based on a customer Data Base of 10,000 or more

“Re: Camp Gate” is a cloud-type simulation tool developed based on the customer database of more than 10,000 real estate investors, which makes it possible to calculate the numerical values required for purchasing, operating, and selling real estate. No need to download troublesome apps! Anytime, anywhere, you can easily use it on your smartphone or tablet.
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Vacant house problem solving media
connecting sellers who have troubles with defective properties and investors nationwide

“” is a purchase media that do the sellers-investors matching through our program (Re: Camp Premium). It matches sellers who have troubles with properties that is so-called " defective properties " such as non-rebuildable properties, co-ownership (co-ownership) land projects with leasehold interest, and investors who want to purchase this kind of properties.
In addition, after the purchase, we provide after-sales support through our Re: Camp Premium to investors.

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Real Estate

Real Estate

Providing the necessary knowledge and information to real estate investors

We deliver the knowledge and information necessary for real estate investment as WEB media contents. We provide articles in an easy-to-understand manner so that even beginners who are starting real estate investment can understand it well.

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(Previously known as AGNS ASSET MANAGEMENT Inc.)

Date of EstablishmentApril 17, 2020
AddressLocation 3F., Shimada Building 3F, Roppongi Shimada Building, 4-8-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Atsushi Matsuzawa
Daijiro Fujiyama

Amount of Capital10 million yen
Main BusinessReal estate consulting business