Asia Gate Holdings Co., Ltd.



Business Highlights


Business Activity Highlights

■ Real Estate Business
By acquiring real estate properties such as domestic and overseas commercial, residential, and redeveloped land, we are aiming at profit improvement through real estate trade with our unique added value.

We handle a wide range of properties from newly built properties to vacant houses through alliances with group companies and other external partner companies.
In addition, as a new example of real estate asset management, we are providing a hotel business that utilizes underpasses of railways in collaboration with East Japan Railway Company.

■ Real Estate Consulting Business
This business is provided through NS Asset Management Inc., a subsidiary of the Group. By utilizing the Internet and real estate seminars, we proactively deal with legally defective properties such as non-rebuildable properties and co-ownership lands with leasehold interest for investors and we offer real estate solutions to solve so-called "vacant houses" with approaches different from conventional methods.