Asia Gate Holdings Co., Ltd.





As endeavor to fulfill Social Responsibility (CSR) based on the premise of our financial and legal responsibilities as a company, we aim for corporate management that emphasizes Shared Value when promoting the Group business.

We believe that it is ideal to enjoy economic benefits through activities, on which we work to contribute to solving various problems in modern society (creating social value).

Through our daily business activities, we mainly work on solving the following issues.

  1. "New lifestyle" "Lifestyle reform"
    • We will provide offices and homes that support new work styles such as telework.
    • In response to the decrease in opportunities for direct communication between children,
      we carry out activities that can contribute to sound mental and physical development by creating new places to live and providing communities.
  2. Respect for human rights and equal opportunity
    • We carry out activities to support social participation for those who have difficulty in social participation due to various reasons.
    • In addition to supporting women's social participation and independence, we support the formation of a fulfilling lifestyle and community in daily life.
    • We actively work to introduce new work styles such as staggered working hours and telework taking the family environment and living environment of employees into consideration.
  3. Approach to the sustainability of the global environment
    We are maintaining the global environment through business activities that promote the effective use of conventional resources, such as creating new added value by regenerating existing real estate properties and providing measures for vacant houses.