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Asia Gate Holdings Co., Ltd.

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  • Real Estate Business

    By investing in profitable real estate through renovating and leasing up with careful assessment of real estate market conditions, we are endeavoring to maximize the potential of real estate through proprietary trading.
  • Real Estate Consulting Business

    Targeting "vacant houses nationwide," which is a serious social problem due to the declining population caused by the falling birthrate and aging population, we are developing a solution business for this problem by matching the properties with investors. A group subsidiary, NS ASSET MANAGEMENT Inc. plays a central role in the business.
  • Other Businesses

    Other Businesses

    We have established "Hundredyears Co., Ltd." as a business subsidiary that contributes to 100-year life era style.

    In February 2022, we started a healthcare business that sells supplements, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and related products containing "5-ALA (5-aminolevulinic acid)" manufactured by neo ALA Co., Ltd. and its group companies overseas.

    Going forward, we will continue to domestically and internationally provide services and products that bring affluence, safety, and security to the lifestyles of all people through Hundredyears Co., Ltd.


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